Restaurants are one of the most favoured things to do when you and your friends or loved ones are looking for an interesting and exciting evening out. Eating out is an easy way of booklet printing uk  while still getting some food eaten if you're hungry at the time, but there are many, many different places to eat and different styles of restaurant to choose from, much like t-shirt printing, embroidered clothing and promotional clothing.

Where you eat is your own personal preference, so ideally you should focus on eating something that you know you like as you will guarantee that you won't be disappointed. On the other hand, you could try somewhere and something new as you might be surprised with the food offered and the way it tastes.

A top 10 list of the different mainstream types of cuisines are as follows:


Lebanese cuisine encourporates all the flavours that the Middle East has to give. Foods are more focussed on Mediterranean themes ΓΆ€“ think lots of vegetables, little meat but high on impacting custom booklet printing flavours. Lots of breads and tomatoes run through many of the dishes, think of Mezze for example. An appetizer that has salad, pickles, dips and arabic bread.


The Greeks focus a lot of their food around olive oil with lots of influence from the Turks and Italians. Lots of herbs and vegetables from the Mediterranean region are also used in many of the dishes. If you are choosing to eat Greek themed food, make sure the food available is authentic and traditional as many parts of Greece i.e. Gyros are heavily junk food influenced.


Another country that uses lots of olive oil in its dishes (probably the most of all Western and Central European countries). A lot of local produce is used, including vegetables, fish and fruits. Think paella and tapas.


Known for its varying and different styles of foods. Rice and soybeans make up a big part of almost every dish but they ensure that there is high quality ingredients used too. Raw fish i.e. sushi is a big trend that is becoming more and more popular.


Widely reknown for its emphasis on using many different flavours and spices. Mexican food is more of a mix of other types of food that have come together and formed what we know as Mexican food today. Aztec, Mayan and Spanish foods all make up a big part of Mexican eating.


Thai food has a very varied style of food. Lots of different flavours make up this 'cuisine genre' and you can expect to eat anything from hot and sour to bitter and sweet. The foods are defined by a strong use of fresh flavours like lemon grass, fresh coriander and lime juice and like many Asian dishes, they use a lot of rice and meats.


Possibly one of the most diverse yet sophisticated cuisines. The food served in many restaurants these days comes from North India and has many, many different flavours and spices.


Food from China is simple and easy to make. Chinese food is extremely easy to create whilst being speedy and economical. Again, rice and noodles make up a big part as do various meats and vegetables like peppers, onions and bean sprouts.


Italian food is one of the world's oldest types of food to date. Pasta and fish make up a large part of the Italian cuisine, as do chicken and lots of vegetables. Breads, cheeses and sausage are also eaten quite regularly in Italy.


The French are probably most famous for their cheeses and the onions.

For any other types of foods you should look at your local restaurants to find the types of foods you want. If colours are your thing, look for blacks, whites and browns restaurant to suit you. For more information on worcester restuarants look here.